• About The Series

    People: Cuba

    Is a documentary series dedicated to discovering and to show everyday life moments of memorable characters that are part of the richness of the island Cuba, that today is the “forbidden fruit” that everyone wants to try, but nobody knows much about it.

  • The Characters

    People: Cuba

    brings us on a journey to know that inside part, almost imperceptible of people that in a very humble way give the best of themselves to create a better world. This knowledge will make us change our point of view radically about the small yet big island from the Caribbean.

  • The World

    The filmmakers knew

    that Cuba has been a mysterious contry for decades, sometimes forgotten by the world. The outsiders call it a place where time stopped. In this year, Cuba has been present in coversations and the curiosity of the people to know more about the island has increased.

    The magic of this country, its history and traditions, bring the attention of all those that want to "discover" the people that got stucked in that time and space when the country´s clock stopped.

    Guillermo Ivan

    Olinka Dueñas
    André Fernández
    Zair Montes

    Alejandro Velasco
    Salome Zuniga
    Mario Zuniga

    David Constantino